shot & cut by Elvio Gorelli in 2013 while visiting with Piero Gabrieli the fields in Emilia Romagna where the wheat for Petra flours grows.



100% Italian wheat from sustainable agriculture, traceable back to the field, clean, and stone ground

Since 2012, all the Italian wheat for the Petra flours comes from sustainable cultivation on fields located a short distance from the mill, complying with integrated agriculture regulations. For all other flour lines, every year we buy wheat according to the weather conditions, and only from qualified farmers who allow us to test the wheat before it enters our mill.


even in small quantities, PetraViva Bricks multiply the amount of vitamins and mineral salts tenfold

Since 2014, at a plant that is unique in Europe, cereals and pulses sprout in mother yeast cultures, using an assisted process that creates an ideal environment to awaken the seeds. Then, when the young sprouts have reached the peak of vitality, currents of warm air halt their growth. This is how germinated PetraViva Bricks® originate; exclusive ingredients that give everyone the possibility to customise dough with nutritional variations and infinite flavours. Whole or in powder form.


a good ingredient is nothing without the right processing to preserve its quality

we are increasingly convinced that a mill is merely an intermediary between nature and dough, because to be kneaded, wheat must be transformed into flour without losing any of its original quality. Then there are the hands of the artisan and chef who, in turn, have to transform the quality of the flour into the quality of food. Which is the raison d’être of our school: an education that is unique in Italy on how to get the most out of flour and yeast by stimulating creativity through the most appropriate technique.

we select the quality of both the wheat and the farmer

Molino Quaglia has involved farmers, stockists, agronomists and nutritionists to ensure availability of top-class 100% Italian wheat, indispensable to obtain bread, pizza and cakes of uncompromising quality. The farms taking part in the Petra 100% Italian wheat project sow selected varieties of common wheat and work following integrated production regulations (instituted by the Emilia Romagna Region). They are assured remuneration plus a production bonus, and in turn they guarantee the mill wheat with high quality protein content. This type of relationship between the various supply chain members guarantees traceability of the flour, strengthens the bond between the farming world and industry, and indicates a road to follow to resolve the serious problem of insufficient common wheat production in Italy.
Like Petra, the wheat used for the renowned technical-professional flour line, milled progressively using cast-iron cylinders, is chosen with the greatest care and attention to protein quality, to provide the best refined flour currently possible for pastry, pizza and bread making, as well as haute cuisine.

the nutritional power of nature reawakened by the germination of PetraViva Bricks

Germinated PetraViva Bricks are a brand new product line concept, unique in Europe. They contain cereals, pseudocereals and pulses, whole or in powder form, with characteristics of digestibility and nutritional values previously unimaginable in ingredients created by an industrial process, with the highest food safety levels achievable today.
What is really new about germinated PetraViva Bricks is their ability to retain the maximum concentration possible of bioavailable minerals and vitamins (iron, zinc and calcium) thanks to a final thermal stabilisation process that blocks germination when the changes in seeds are at their highest, allowing them to be preserved without the risk of rancidity phenomena. Germinated cereals and pulses are an example of nature's extraordinary ability to produce energy, an ability that can be enjoyed by every consumer to have access to low price food rich in nutritional principles, such as vitamins, enzymes and oligoelements, easily absorbed during digestion (higher bioavailability).
Indeed, it is during the transformation of the substances stored in every seed that the numerous complex biochemical transformations occur, which give the sprout its abundance of substances: it becomes a real "bomb" of nourishing principles, which are more easily digested and assimilated by the organism; and this is why germinated cereals and pulses are much easier to digest than the original seeds. 

quality is a combination of an ingredient and the right processing technique

Università della Pizza®, Accademia del Pane®, Pasticceria Dinamica®: 3 projects that have led the Molino Quaglia school to quickly establish itself as the only company school in Italy that involves participants in a 360° experience in the worlds of pizza, bread and pastry making. Because to be a pizza, bread or pastry maker also means knowing how to run your company, organize your kitchen, motivate staff, and communicate to attract new customers. An innovative, practical teaching method that focuses on attention to professionalism and craftsmanship, and not on the adulation of winning competitions, and the turning of the profession into a show. Because we are convinced that, in the end, the real judges are your customers.

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