The assisted germination of common wheat with the innovative process used exclusively by Molino Quaglia has given rise to an unprecedented ingredient that is extremely useful from a technological and nutritional point of view.
During germination, the reserve substances contained in the kernel, consisting mainly of starch and hemicellulose (complex carbohydrates), turn into dextrins and maltose, simpler and sweetish substances, that give the sprout its characteristic and mild, slightly sweet flavour. The proteins of the kernel undergo a transformation, because they are "pre-digested" by the enzymes that break them down into amino acids, which are easier and faster to digest and assimilate; furthermore, sprouts undergo an increase of essential amino acids, as well as an increase of nucleic acids, mineral salts and trace elements, which are present in organic form and thus easily assimilated and used by the body.  Wheat thus becomes a powerful performance enhancer in the maturation of doughs and an incredible concentrate of mineral salts and vitamins that boost the nutritional value of bakery products.